About Us


GREEN LIGHT is a fresh brand founded in 2016, built on 30 years of experience in manufacturing, procurement, sales, and distribution of all types of automotive spare parts.

Based on this experience and constant research and development, it is looking to become one of the most recognized and distinctive brands in the segment of after-sales of all types of spare parts for vehicle repair and maintenance – both for personal vehicles and for commercial motor vehicles.


The GREEN LIGHT brand employs a highly cost-effective concept and it can adapt quickly to all types and forms of changes in the auto spare part markets.

Such flexibility will allow it to provide the best possible quality-to-price ratio at all times. Its customers will benefit from a simple process of search, sale, and supply of automotive spare parts, and especially from a good return on their investment.

Quality Managment

When selecting manufacturers, the GREEN LIGHT brand always puts quality first. Our manufacturers must meet the highest production process standards and comply with the relevant regulations and procedures specified by car manufacturers (OE – Original Equipment, and OES – Original Equipment Supplier).

They have to constantly update their production technology in order to supply high-quality products.

The quality of the products by select manufacturers picked for the GREEN LIGHT brand is ultimately examined by renowned international certification institutions such as TÜV Rheinland (Germany), Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Germany), VCA (Great Britain) etc.

They have to care for their employees, constantly train them, motivate them in different ways, and include them in the continuous design and sales strategy management process to attain the highest level of sales personnel motivation, as their motivation and expertise are essential to the quality launch of the GREEN LIGHT brand on the auto spare parts market.

As we are aware that production of our products involves generation of hazardous waste, we expect and demand from our manufacturers to care, in compliance with all social commitments, for permanent decrease of their negative effects on our environment and the ecology.

Thus, we control every manufacturing step of each GREEN LIGHT product, and supervise

the quality of production of all our products. This control also takes place through system control processes. Hence, we require that our manufacturers obtain new certificates proving the quality of their work in every stage of production. Currently, all our manufacturers hold the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and OHASA 18001 certificates.

With our focus on development and improvement of our products, we ensure safe, economical, and comfortable drive to all users of our products.


The GREEN LIGHT brand offers over 5,100 product units (or items) of automotive spare parts; its inventories are stored in a warehouse spanning over 3,000 m2.

With excellent logistics, it provides its distributors the best possible product availability, which in practice means delivery several times a week.

Currently, the brand offers 8 programs with 88% coverage of automotive spare parts, and it is also present in the segment of commercial motor vehicles. By 2020, the brand is planning to double its offer both in terms of the number of product units and the number of programs, based on the expected program returns and demand by its customers.

Customer Relationships

GREEN LIGHT brand is aware that the customer – distributor is a key element for its general success.

Therefore, constant contact is required with the customer, including marketing communication, sales support, and technical assistance.

The effectiveness of customer relations is measured by customer satisfaction throughout the entire purchase cycle, after the delivery of goods or services, and finally through return. With these criteria, the brand offers long-term partnership with a territorial representative office, in which the guiding principle is not volume, but quality, and where the customer is closely involved in brand development.

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